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Weibo big V's daily life in the entertainment circle (rebirth of sweet…

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"All right!"! You can get married if you want! But the marriage partner must pass the examination of the whole family, and half of your property will be given to your nephew in the future! As long as this is the case, I agree to your marriage! Also, you must help your sister, make your sister's Taobao shop fire, let your sister make a lot of money like you, do not earn 80 million a day, earn 40 million is OK! As for your second sister Jiang Lan, she thinks it's too easy to make money as a net red. She also wants to learn from you to be a net red. You can teach her. Your sister is not worse than you. She can dress up better than you. You are all sisters. You must help each other! “……” Her words came out sentence by sentence, listening to the side of Yu Hong and Zhou Xiao Zhou Yue a face of stunned expression, this is also possible? Is there such a shameless person in the world? They are together with Jiang Yu, afraid that Jiang Yu will think too much, think that they care about her money, so a penny cheap is not willing to occupy Jiang Yu, but Zhang Meifeng is good, open mouth will let Jiang Jie earn 40 million a day, but also let Jiang Lan when the net red! But also Jiangyu to give half of the property to Jiang Mingxuan's unborn son, how can these people be so shameless? But Jiang Yu, not surprised at all, she seemed to have seen the shamelessness of these people long ago, only said with a smile: "Dreaming!"! Your eldest daughter wants to earn 40 million a day? Do you think money comes from the sky? Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyelids,aluminium edge trim, "No 40 million, 30 million is OK!" Does your daughter want to be an Internet celebrity? What does she think an Internet celebrity is? "" "Your sister is good-looking, and she must be able to do it." Give the money to your grandson? Yes! Jiang Yu smiled brightly. As soon as Chang Mei-feng was pleased, Jiang Yu added, "Then you'd better go home and dream!"! I guarantee you have everything in your dreams! Zhang Meifeng's face sank and she said with displeasure: "What do you mean, Jiangyu?"? If you dare not do it according to my arrangement, I will go to your school and say that you don't support me! "Yes!" Jiang Yu did not have a trace of fear,stainless steel edging strip, she took out her cell phone from her pocket and smiled: "I have taken a picture of what you said just now. You have the ability to go to school as much as possible. I am eager to let everyone know how shameless you are!" All of a sudden, Zhang Meifeng's face showed a trace of fear, to know the countryside this place, once the reputation is bad, it is fatal, but a moment later she became arrogant, what is the reputation of bad? As long as she has money, she can move to another place. Impossible! The court will definitely order you to do your duty of support! "Zhang Meifeng finished with a proud face, apparently prepared." Support? Jiang Yu snorts coldly, laugh immediately: "Can, give you five or six hundred a month, I should be donated to charity!"! You can let the court judge! Hearing this, everyone turned pale with fright, five or six hundred? That's not enough! This money is not enough to buy a villa ah, not enough for them to play around the country, tile profile factory ,tile trim manufacturers, not enough for them to spend! "Five or six hundred?" Asked Chang Mei-feng? You have so much money that you can't spend it all, so you can give me five or six hundred yuan? I'm your mother! "How much do you want?" Jiang Yu seemed a little surprised: "Just because you are my mother, I can't get rid of your shameless words, so I'm reluctantly willing to pay you. The court sentenced me to a few hundred yuan at most. Besides, you didn't spend any money on me at all. My tuition expenses have always been spent by Aunt Yu Hong, not to mention that you sold me when I was a child." Don't you know that selling children is against the law? You can also tell your story to the judge. I think the judge must be very interested in discussing this matter with you again. But you can rest assured that I do charity every month. It's not a problem for me to donate hundreds of thousands of millions a month. At the worst, I'll donate a few hundred yuan less next month and keep it for you. Jiang Yu has a generous look.
Hearing this, all the Jiang family members were surprised. Their faces were full of expressions of disbelief. After a while, Jiang Jie came out and asked: How can you donate money to charity? Donate so much money as soon as you donate? If you have money to donate to others, why don't you help your family? Your family is poor, too! "I'm sorry, I won't donate to you!" Jiang Yu is still smiling. How can this be? As if to spend their own money, Jiang Mingxuan heartache bad, he bitterly said to Jiang Yu: "Sister ah, after all, your family is your family, you have money should help your family, we do not want more, you casually give one or two million is also good!" "Sorry, a dime is too much!" Jiang Yu shrugged his shoulders. This completely angered everyone, and Jiang Yu would rather donate the money than give it to them. Zhang Meifeng was so angry that she gave Jiang Yu a push. "You dead girl," she said angrily, "I'll tell you the truth. If you don't take out the money today, I'll stay here."! I block the door so that you can't go out, so that you can't go to class and work in Shencheng, so that your family is trapped inside to eat and drink until you take out the money.. Seeing a trace of fear on Yu Hong's face, Zhang Meifeng proudly raised her chin! It seems that it is impossible for Jiangyu to hand over the money without some extraordinary means. Are you sure? Jiang Yu showed a strange expression on his face again. Of course With that, Zhang Meifeng simply sat on the ground with a rogue look on her face. "I'll stay here today!"! I'm not going, and none of you want to go out! "Yes!"! Don't go! Seeing that Zhang Meifeng had restrained Jiangyu, the others were very proud and echoed one after another. They stayed by the door, blocking the door and not letting the people in the house go out. Seeing this, Yu Hong said hurriedly, "Jiang Yu, what do you think we should do?"? Your family is so shameless! Jiang Yu suddenly raised his lips and said, "Don't worry, Auntie Yu, they'll be gone." Finished, lying in Yu Hong's ear said a few words, Yu Hong Wen Yan, Yi, then went to the house. Soon, Yu Hong brought two big wolf dogs, which were very tall and looked really like wolves. They showed sharp teeth as soon as they opened their mouths. They looked very terrible. Jiang Yu led the dog, and then smiled at Zhang Meifeng, who was lying on the ground: My own mother, are you really not going? I warn you,aluminum tile trim, these two dogs haven't eaten meat for a long time! "Scare me?" "I tell you," said Zhang Meifeng, "I was not so frightened that I wanted to let the dog bite me? Come on! Come on! 。


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