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Feng Siniang, of course, didn't really want to see the deformed cripple strip naked. No one in the world wants to see him naked. Since these two people are not good things, why not let them go to dog eat dog? So as soon as Feng Siniang had a chance, she would never stay there and look at it again. Even if the two men could make a flower, she would never look at it again. Feng Siniang knew at a glance that she was a very clever woman and had never made a mistake in judgment, so no man had ever taken off her clothes until now. But for her, today's day is really unlucky. Not only did she have a lot of bad luck today, but everything was strange. The spring was cold, from the soles of her feet to her heart. Of course, she didn't come to this rocky mountain by chance, but she never told anyone that she was coming here. Her whereabouts, like the wind, have never been able to figure out. But now at least three people have come to look for her-Hua Ruyu, Ren Shangren and Li Qingfeng. How did they know she was here? How did you know she was coming here? Feng Siniang has always been a woman who likes to enjoy herself very much. She eats everything but refuses to bear hardships. Of course, a person who refuses to endure hardship is not very good at martial arts. Fortunately, she is very smart. Sometimes, although she is very fierce, she has never really formed any deep hatred with others. That's where she's the smartest. She is not only smart, but also beautiful, so she always has a lot of powerful friends. When she is fierce, she is like an old bitch, but when she is gentle,garden jacuzzi tub, she is like a little pigeon. Sometimes she is as innocent as a baby, but sometimes she is as cunning as a fox. A woman like this, if it is not really necessary, no one will provoke her. But now suddenly three people came to her, and they were three extraordinary people. Some women may be very proud of this, but Feng Siniang is not an ordinary woman. She knew that a man who had the heart to cut off his legs and one hand would never find a woman just to take off her clothes. A bandit who has disappeared in Jianghu. If he is very gallant to a woman, of course, he will never do it just for the beauty of the woman. What did they come to her for? Feng Siniang thought about it, there is only one reason-Xiao Shiyilang, this deadly Xiao Shiyilang, why always get into so much trouble? This person seems to be born to find trouble, outdoor hot tub ,4 person jacuzzi, not only others want to find trouble with him, he also wants to find his own trouble. The first time Feng Siniang saw him, he was looking for his own trouble. At that time, he was still a big boy, and he wanted to rush up the Dragon Falls against the thunderous Rapids. He tried again and again, falling dizzy and bleeding, but what on earth did he want to prove? Who but a fool could do such a thing. Even Feng Siniang sometimes thought he was a fool, but he was not stupid at all. Not only is he not stupid, but he is surprisingly smart. He just does one or two stupid things from time to time that even a fool won't do. So is this person stupid? Or smart? Cute after all? Or hateful? Even Feng Siniang can't tell the difference. She only knew that she would never forget this person. Sometimes she thought of him almost crazily, but sometimes she did not want to see him and dared not see him. She hasn't seen him for two years. She had not seen him since that day when he and Xiaoyao Hou went to that dead end together. She even thought she would never see him again. Because of all the living people in the world, none of them can defeat Xiaoyao Hou. No one's martial arts is higher than Dao Yao Hou, no one can be more insidious, more vicious, more terrible than him. But Xiao Shiyilang had to go to him and fight him to the death. The result of this war, no one has ever known, we only know that Xiao Shiyilang will never live again, even the wind four Niang has been almost desperate. But at this time she heard the news of Xiao Shiyilang again.
That's why she came to Luanshi Mountain, that's why her feet were broken, that's why she met these bad things, and that's why now she's sitting here like a fool holding her feet and thinking about him so much that her heart hurts.. Why is this deadly Xiao Shiyilang always unforgettable? Feng Siniang suddenly felt hungry. She never felt hungry when she was thinking about Xiao Shiyilang. But now she had decided to think no more. What is this place? How far is it to the Bandit Inn? She doesn't know. Her clothes, her luggage, and her weapons were all in the inn, and she herself was lost in the barren mountains. It was dusk now, and it was time to eat dinner, but there was no smoke around. She suddenly realized that the gorgeous sunset was not as beautiful as the black smoke from the kitchen chimney. Even if she knew the way, she didn't want to go back, not because she was afraid of those people coming back for her, but because she really didn't want to risk having her foot cut. In her opinion, these feet are much more important than her stomach. But her stomach is not obedient, already in protest, "cooing" to cry up, how to comfort this stomach? Feng Siniang breathed a sigh of relief and was trying to find out if there were any pheasants and rabbits nearby that were more unlucky than her. She didn't see the rabbit, but she saw six people. Four vigorous men in splendid clothes, carrying a small green velvet sedan chair, and two young men in gorgeous clothes, followed the sedan chair and came up from the hillside. The mountain road was so rugged that it was hard for them to carry the sedan chair up. Who is sitting in the sedan chair? The style is really not small, in such a place to sit in a sedan chair? Feng Siniang seldom sits in a sedan chair. She feels stuffy in a sedan chair. She likes to ride a horse, the fastest horse. But she has sat in a bridal sedan chair. She could not help but think of that day,american hot tub, she was sitting in the rust ready to worship heaven and earth, unexpectedly saw Xiao Shiyilang and Shen Bijun in the roadside, she actually wore the phoenix crown rosy quilt. He jumped out of the sedan chair and almost scared the people of the Yang family to death. monalisa.com


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